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Dispute Resolution

Producing positive resolutions to conflict

Dispute Resolution

The People Password provides independent support that will help you to reach a resolution on any dispute.

From how to best manage the initial conversations to more defined solutions such as mediation, mentoring and conflict management, we can ensure a positive approach ensures the best result for all.

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Dispute Resolution
"If we manage conflict constructively, we harness its energy for creativity and development"
Kenneth Kaye


Mediation is a voluntary process of conflict prevention and resolution that allows the parties in dispute the opportunity to address and resolve their issues in a confidential environment. 

We work in an impartial yet supportive way to assist the parties in dispute to resolve their issues, improve communication, defuse emotion and find agreement on a way forward.

We have a proven six stage process which we follow;

  1. An initial client consultation to understand the overarching issue, the parties involved and to outline the best approach
  2. Separate pre mediation meetings with each of the parties to establish the process to be used, an agreement to mediate and an overview of the issues
  3. A mediation session(s) with each of the parties attending together in order to identify the issues and possible solutions.  Some mediations may require more than 1 meeting 
  4. Agree on solutions and a way forward
  5. A written agreement drafted for the parties to sign 
  6. A closing meeting with the client

Understanding and Dealing With Conflict Training

When conflict arises, as it naturally does, the best scenario both for the business and its people is that it is a healthy type of conflict.

In order to ensure that this is the case the key is that your people understand what conflict is, how it arises and the differing approaches to it.

The People Password provides an Understanding and Managing Conflict training programme which goes beyond the usual training on just handling conflict after it has arisen.

Our training equips people with an understanding of how conflict arises and gives them tools to prevent unnecessary or unhealthy conflict arising in the first place. When conflict does happen, the training gives people the tools to understand how people approach conflict and how to manage conflict in teams and between individuals.

Workplace Investigations

We can investigate grievance, disciplinary, bullying or harassment issues or we can support you to undertake these yourself with our experience to guide you.

Workplace Investigations can be time consuming but it is imperative that they are carried out correctly, objectively and in line with the Principles of Natural Justice.  There are times when this is difficult to deliver in-house due to a lack of independent resources, experience or time. 

The People Password can conduct investigations and provide robust investigation reports to ensure a fair and legally compliant process.

Disciplinary Support

The People Password has extensive experience working with clients across sectors to help resolve complex disciplinary cases.

Our clients use our disciplinary support solution in the following ways;

Writing disciplinary policies, procedures and contractual clauses
Undertaking disciplinary investigations into allegations of misconduct and completing the investigation report
Chairing disciplinary meetings and disciplinary appeal meetings, particularly when there is no internal independent person available.
Advising on disciplinary issues, processes and procedures, including drafting letters
Support in disciplinary and appeal meetings to help you make a balanced and fair decision on the outcome.
Assisting with disciplinary outcome recommendations or actions including mediation, coaching, training
Note-taking at disciplinary hearings.

Difficult Conversations

The People Password provide mentor support on how to have difficult conversations.

One of the most difficult things anyone has to do in work is have a difficult conversation with someone else – be that as a Manager to a team member or as a team member to a manager or peer to peer.  As a result of this the difficult conversation often gets put off and the situation festers and becomes a much bigger issue.

Imagine if you had someone to talk through the issue with and figure out what you should or shouldn’t say and how to deal with different responses?

At The People Password we love helping you to have a difficult conversation because we know how it will benefit you, your business and its people. 

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